Visual/Graphic Design

The sense of vision is the first of the 5 senses that attracts the most attention. And, by keeping that in mind, our designers blend in the most amazing colors and features and create a visually appealing design for your website. Also, our designers create a design layout which will work at ease even with the future advanced browsers on all devices with perfect auto-adjusting resolutions. We will keep in mind your needs and specifications and will fulfill your dream of having a bewitching website.

BOXFinity | Graphic Design Company

The first step to improve the company’s media base or to make an intense first impression, the website or the ads promoting the business should be captivating. Having a great website is an indication of a great company. A clean, clear and an appealing website design show the professionalism and strong core of the company and the brand identity. When the company website is strikingly superb and inspiring, it influences the people to visit the website and use their services. As a part of graphic design company, our designing team will work on your website to bring out the same feel.

At BOXFinity, a renowned graphic design company, our team will work on building websites, page layouts, web apps, wireframes, etc., to create an entirely unique and impressive output that is assured to grab the attention of more visitors. Our experts create exclusive website designs using the advanced versions of DreamWeaver software, and the UI/UX designs using the Sketch software, Axure software, etc., to give an impressive first look. We go on to work on the Prototype Designing, Font Creation, Image Making & Editing, and Video Making & Editing using the Adobe Premier software using cutting-edge techniques.

Apart from just designing the entire website and giving it a stunning look, our team will also work towards promoting your business on different web platforms by way of creating engaging animations with sensational after-effects, creative infographics, attractive newsletters, icons, etc., by using the standard software like Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDRAW, etc. Apart from all these, we also work on Typography, Photography, Illustrations, Information Architecture, Signage, and Designs for Printing & Packaging industry, etc., using relevant latest software versions. We will give a new identity to your brand by creating an eloquent and a powerful Logo exclusively for your company.

Our experts will work to put all the visual elements in one place and create visuals for your website that will give an identifiable face to your brand and put your company at a higher pedestal. The colors and imagery we use will attract the attention of the visitors and potentially convert them into loyal customers and thereby, improve the website traffic and business prospects.