LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn, the popular professional & business-related networking site is one of the best social media sites to promote your business. Small businesses create profiles on the LinkedIn site and expand their network by connecting with the potential customers. For the LinkedIn marketing services, we use appropriate widgets to promote your business on the network and, in turn, help in building your contacts and network. As a part of the LinkedIn marketing services, our team will start by creating a Company Page for your business and will promote your services and products. We will utilize every opportunity that knocks our door and work towards generating leads for your company and which with time will also help in building up a partnership with other suitable businesses.

BOXFinity | LinkedIn Advertising Agency

LinkedIn Advertising is one of the best ideas to describe the phrase “Out of the Box”. It is not like any other typical social media marketing, albeit it is one of the most popular professional social media platforms. LinkedIn is a platform where it is presumed to have the huge lot of people who are serious about their work. So, if you target your ads to a specific group of audience in a particular community, there are high chances that they may take the work seriously and look towards using your business services and products. It is more of B2B marketing strategy. You can be assured that your funds towards LinkedIn advertising are one that is well-spent.

At BOXFinity, we will focus on creating different types of LinkedIn Ad formats like Dynamic Ads, Text Ads, Sponsored InMail, Sponsored Content, etc., so that the message regarding your business services and products reaches to wider but relevant audience with the goal to improve your business prospects. We will consider creating ads that promote your company brand with respect to the form, position, content, etc., depending on the requirements, your preferences, budget, and the presence of the target audience. We will also give shape to PPTs on Slideshare and convert them into a LinkedIn Ad. We will also measure and optimize your LinkedIn ad campaigns at the campaign manager by evaluating the data metrics.

Our experts will target the prospective audience at the right place at a considerable budget that is worth spending on LinkedIn advertising strategies. Like the Pay-per-Click strategies, LinkedIn offers a pay-per-performance type of bidding wherein your money towards advertising will be spent only for the clicks that have people seeing your ads. Apart from these PPC bidding strategies, we will also employ the payment per impression strategy if needed. The best thing is that LinkedIn will do it within our budget and will not start the advertising if the funds are completed. Our aim is to improve your business prospects by increasing the web traffic and lead generations and our team will work smartly towards achieving that goal.