Facebook Ads

Facebook is considered to be the bible of social media and majority of the online users have an active Facebook account. Facebook is a platform that provides a much precise and itemized description of the services & products than most of the social media platforms. Apart from that, Facebook allows putting up of images, videos, testimonials, photos, and long descriptions on the company page or the product page. Studies show that 93% of the small-scale businesses indulge in promoting their brand via social media marketing on Facebook. We use precise algorithms to display ads to promote your brand in front of the potential customers.

BOXFinity | Facebook Marketing Company

Although ads are the first appealing and the initial touch point that influences the customer, it is created in the last step of the digital marketing campaign. It is important to create an ad campaign which is magnificent and grab the attention of any user who is browsing on any social media platform. So, for the visitors to scrutinize your brand and to convert them into loyal customers who will avail your products and services, it is important to create a Facebook Ad campaign. For this, we will create different Facebook ad types like – Image ads, Video ads, Carousel ads, Lead Generation ads, Offer ads, post-engagement, Page likes, Collection ads, etc., which will help in better viewability of your brand, enhanced traffic, and increase in lead generation. We work out a strategy where these ads not just help for regular businesses, but are very favorable for e-commerce businesses too.

As a Facebook advertising agency, our techno-marketers will start working on the Facebook Ad campaign by inserting a pixel code onto your website which will help in tracking the conversions accumulated from the ads and based on this collected data, we will optimize the ads. Depending on these results, we will create a Lookalike audience who will be retargeted with the aim of converting them into potential customers. Apart from this method, we will also follow another strategy wherein we will target the prospective audience from custom email database, based on your preferences and requirements.

At BOXFinity, a fine Facebook advertising agency in Hyderabad, our team will design a strategy based on the budget allotted for different ad campaigns, depending on the class of targeted audience, and the final desired output. The whole plan outline creating an ad with an eye-catching image or an inviting video along with short but relevant content is uploaded to your Facebook company page. We will make sure that the ad is spread across well so that it reaches to a wide audience range in order to increase the view counts and sales counts. Also, we will add support for call-to-action tactics for the basic lead generation so as to direct the traffic to your website.