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Facebook Ads

Facebook is considered to be the bible of social media and majority of the online users have an active Facebook account. Facebook is a platform that provides a much precise and itemized description of the services & products than most of the social media platforms. Apart from that, Facebook allows putting up of images, videos, testimonials, photos, and long descriptions on the company page or the product page. Studies show that 93% of the small-scale businesses indulge in promoting their brand via social media marketing on Facebook. We use precise algorithms to display ads to promote your brand in front of the potential customers.


Twitter Ads

Of all the social media marketing, the most elegant ones are the Twitter ads. Our team will create a Twitter account and use tools to keep an eye on the tweets, searches, interactions, location, etc. of the customers and then work on customizing the ads with content that promote your company and present it to them. We will promote your company on Twitter by putting Promoted Tweets or Promoted Trends. With Promoted Tweets, we will promote your business to customers who have previously visited your website or who have subscribed for an e-mail newsletter.

BOxfinity | twitter marketing services
Boxfinity | linkedin marketing services

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn, the popular professional & business-related networking site is one of the best social media sites to promote your business. Small businesses create profiles on the LinkedIn site and expand their network by connecting with the potential customers. We use appropriate widgets to promote your business on LinkedIn and, in turn, help in building your contacts and network. Our team will also create a Company Page for your business and will promote your services and products. We will utilize every opportunity that knocks our door and work towards generating leads for your company and which with time will also help in building up partnership with other suitable businesses.


YouTube Video Advertising

If you are looking to reach out to larger range of potential customers, then YouTube is probably the biggest platform you can find. As it is one of the most cost-effective online marketing strategies, you are bound to save a few bucks while promoting your company. At BOXFinity, our team will use the appropriate Google Adwords and create prospective video campaigns and include ads in various video formats so as to attract and encourage the potential customers to the services and products offered by your business. We will try our best to bring your company ads in front of the potential customers on YouTube and create your brand awareness.

Boxfinity | youtube marketing services