Google Analytics

So, you have put in all the effort to promote and market your company, its services, products, and the overall brand. But how will you know if all these are really working and if there is any progress in the website ranking on the search engine? That is when Google Analytics comes in the picture. Our team of experts will use the appropriate Google Analytics solutions and keep tracking the progress and report of your website ranking. Also, our team will conduct campaigns to study the user navigation, sources of traffic, and work on referring it towards your business. We will take relevant actions based on the performance metrics to promote your business.

BOXFinity | Google Analytics Services | Digital Marketing Agency

We understand the power of Google Analytics and we know well how crucial it is for SEO analysts to review the performance, for the digital marketers to know how effective a particular digital marketing campaign has been, and for the webmasters to study how well the users are interacting with your website. Our team will use advanced Google Analytics services & tools to give valuable insights regarding the website performance and the results of current marketing strategy by uncovering all the massive data from your website and from its users and will make any needed changes in the plan to enhance the marketing strategies for better business prospects.

At BOXFinity, our techno-marketers will make use of the Google Analytics services & tools to focus mainly on studying the Web Traffic Channels, Site Content, Target Audience, Demographics, and User Behavior. We will link the Google AdWords campaign with the Google Analytics tool for efficient analysis and reporting of traffic from the PPC ad campaign results. We will set up funnel visualization and conversion goals in order to track the conversion rates. Also, we will study and review the traffic and user navigation results from different channels like direct URL visits, Organic searches, traffic from social media platforms, PPC campaigns, display advertising, cost-per-view video advertising, referral searches, etc.

Our experts will also use Google Analytics to review the site content and track the performance of the website based on the Page Views, Average Time on Page, Page value, Bounce rates, etc. Based on these results, we will create strategies to improve the performance and enhance the visitor traffic and to get better audience conversions that will help in increase in business revenue. Our team will not keep you guessing about your website and business performance. We will keep sending you appropriate reports drawn from Google Analytics and give you an insight regarding the overall conduct and make sure to boost them with time.