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Instant Credit Loans US is an online loan-offering marketplace which works to connect prospective borrowers with reliable lenders who provide various loans. The website aids in accessing quick and easy loans for all credit scores with the lenders providing a plethora of loan options for the borrowers to choose.



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First-page one and Second page 2 rankings on Google in the first few months

600+ Generated quality back links

250+ Organic Clicks in few months

Web visits have increased by 46.66%

87.29% of the visits represent new people

2,900+ visitors have come to the site since BOXFinity began their SEO campaign in 3 months.

SEO Strategy

In the April 2018, Instant Credit Loans US in-steamed with our WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT & DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES. BOXFinity adapted advanced techniques to build the responsive web-interface & online presence with deeper initiations to increase the traffic, leads, visits, backlinks & more. Since engagement is important for improvements in the keyword rankings & for bringing quality traffic to the business website, BOXFinity had implemented advanced SEO strategies to achieve the beneficial needed for the business. For ICLUS, we dealt with 13 SEO keyword campaign to establish higher ranking & to reach the targeted customers for building the brand name over the competitors.

BOXFinity had initiated the work by implementing digital approaches like complete website optimization in regard to the speed, the relevancy of content, keyword structure & more, along with fresh content updates on the website, listing the website on niche-related & high DA websites & more. By this, they have seen major improvements in their business growth.

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PPC Overview & Results

In May 2018, BOXFinity started Pay-per-click advertisements for ICLUS. The PPC ads were planned with advanced in-line strategies that helped in generating more web traffic, enhanced branding & leads. BOXFinity implemented the paid marketing strategies for the ICLUS website on many search engine partners and used reliable key phrase terms, modified the optimizations, useful bidding strategies, etc. There have been improvements to the cost/conversions which started at approximately $3 and went down by almost $2, which helped them in improving their business ROI.

Apart from these, there are many other factors involved, like the conversion trackings, product linking’s with related online marketing tools for clear analysis, along with improvements for better performance. ICLUS got many conversions of around 900+ in just a few months at optimal lead costs due to the best approaches opted by BOXFinity.


SEO Results

Upon incorporation of our well-planned strategies and by using advanced techniques & tools to implement it, we could bring in appreciable SEO results in just a few months. For, we were successfully able to rank the keywords on Google in the first few pages. Here is a list of a few top ranking keywords on which we had worked for and helped in generating substantial web traffic and leads.

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Seo result images
Seo result images


Before signing up with BOXFinity, we had 2 other companies handling our SEO and PPC campaigns. It was such a sheer waste of time and money and from these experiences, we have learned about what we are not supposed to do to our business. We explored through the USA and Indian markets and came across BOXFinity. Once we started working with BOXFinity, we realized that their skilled teams were doing a great job and knew what they were doing. They were tagging us regularly by giving weekly and monthly reports about the running of the business. They were reviewing every move and tweaking it to optimization for better results. Overall, every penny that we spent for our marketing through BOXFinity was worth every bit. We were satisfied with the initial results, and so, we increased our marketing budget, and, we saw that it increased our ROI proportionately. I strongly recommend BOXFinity for all your SEO and PPC needs.