If you thought that your dream has come true by just establishing your business, you are probably still in the fantasy world. Running a business is a nightmare in itself. With issues popping up every now & then, many entrepreneurs have been discouraged & seen their businesses crash down earlier than expected. Though not easy, planning & applying the right strategies could help carry forward your biz successfully in the long run. Of all the strategies, marketing is probably one of the most important objectives that could make or break a business. Unlike the ventures who give relatively less preference to marketing, the businessmen who are looking for real profits allot a proper budget towards the right marketing strategies.

With the internet creating ripples across the globe, almost everything under the sky has gone digital, and if they need to survive in the market, it is high time the businesses follow the same track. The debate continues to know if traditional marketing is still powerful or if the digital marketing services are surpassing them. With the magazine giants shifting to the digital mode & the increasing popularity of digital newsletters over the paper bulletins has leveraged the impact of the digital marketing services on most entrepreneurs, persuading them to make the shift. Although the traditional marketing & the digital marketing services are at loggerheads, they seem to have their benefits in their own way.

Marketing - Traditional Vs. Digital

The traditional marketing ways have their own facets, their own pros, and cons, and so do the digital marketing solutions. In a nutshell, traditional marketing is about using print ads on magazines, newspapers, posters, flyers, brochures, etc., putting up commercial ads on the television, radio, hoardings, billboards, etc., whereas the digital marketing solutions, in a broad sense, involve building a website for your business and promoting it by advertising on the web using tools & platforms like the search engine, putting up banner ads, the social media services, PPC services, & likewise.

The purpose of digital marketing is no different than that of traditional marketing, but the only elemental difference is that the digital marketing strategies make use of digital devices, digital solutions, & digital tools on various digital marketing platforms implementing different digital marketing services like the social media services, PPC services, etc. Although most people use the internet for almost every purpose of their day, a considerable chunk of folks who have no clue about the internet & how it can be used to its full potential. At such times, the traditional way of marketing comes to the rescue, and it helps in conveying the message about your brand, your products, your services, & your overall business. But, if you need to stay in the market & more importantly if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you cannot just rely on the outdated marketing techniques. As an entrepreneur, you need to look beyond and work on implementing the latest digital marketing services for your business website for your brand name to reach to a wider audience.

digital marketing Vs traditional marketing

Where To Invest In?

If setting a budget for marketing was one thing, investing it in the right place to get a better ROI is an entirely different thing on its own. Survey reports show that in the past 1 year, there has been an almost 160% fall in the usage of traditional marketing, and a 14% rise in the implementation of the digital marketing services was recorded in the same timeframe. Though it has taken a backseat, it does not mean that traditional marketing has lost its essence as it has its own benefits and it still finds its application in many fields. However, since the current marketing trend is inclined towards the digital methods, focusing to invest on the same is bound to bring better privileges to your business, along with the best bang to your buck.

In one of our next blogs, we will jot down a few very common differences between the traditional way & the digital way of marketing a business.

where to invest in

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Author - Rekha Reddipalli

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