Having to face deception is one of the worst feelings ever, especially if you have put in a lot of efforts to make it happen. We are talking about the SEO rankings here! SEO experts strive hard towards the optimization of your website in accordance with the keywords by using current advanced techniques. And if the rankings sink ditching all your efforts, it is a nervous wreck. Even with stringent monitoring, there may be fluctuations in the keyword rankings or the website rankings. This may happen due to quite a number of reasons.

One of the best ways to overcome such issues is to understand the root cause of the issue and try to solve it soon. There are so many digital marketing companies in the business now. The right SEO services can help you overcome this issue to a great level. Keep reading to know about a few reasons which we think might play a major role causing fluctuations of keyword or website rankings.

1. Normal Google Fluctuations

Competition-based fluctuations of the keyword rankings on the Google Search page is pretty much normal to a huge extent. If you are in the first few search results on the initial page, then the fluctuations will be within that range and if your website ranking is the twenties or in the teens, then the fluctuations will be accordingly. However, if you are in the first few search rankings, it shows that your website or the keyword-based content is quite stable. This can be solved by improving the web traffic, enhancing the content quality, etc.

normal google fluctuations

2. Changes/Updates in Google Algorithm

Being the largest and the most popular search engine, Google keeps updating their algorithms constantly and rolls out updates like the Google Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, etc. They are ways for Google to improve its machine learning and it takes time to adapt to the new algorithm. Such changes or updates in the existing algorithms may alter the existing SEO strategies and may cause fluctuations in the rankings. These are also very natural and there is nothing much you can do about it.

3. Trending Topics

The trending topics keep changing virally all the time. When there is a sudden shift in the trending topic, there are chances of fluctuations. The intensity of the fluctuation will depend on how relevant your SEO keywords and content is in accordance with the current virally trending topic. If your content and keywords are close to the trending topics, then your ranking will increase and if it not close to the trending topics, then the ranking will sink.

trending topics

4. Content Changes

Google indexes your website on its search pages depending on the relevancy of your content along with the density of the top ranking keywords in your website. So, when there is a change in the website content, be it removing the existing content or adding new content, the search engine machinery will prompt some changes which will bump the existing SEO rankings. If you add more relevant content or remove irrelevant content, the SEO rankings will improve, whereas adding bad quality content or removing important content will decrease the SEO rankings.

5. Compromise of The Site

There will supposedly be a dramatic change in the SEO rankings if in case your website is compromised. Most of the hackers will leave a distinctive sign on your website to show that it has been compromised. This will generously tank your SEO rankings and in worst cases, it may even remove you off the index grid. You will have to work on this by removing the signs left behind by the hacker and also find the loopholes that led to the entry of the malware.

There are many other reasons like the link audits, search penalties, etc., which will cause fluctuations in your SEO rankings. You cannot avoid the changes that are caused by the Google algorithm, but if it is from your SEO and website’s end, you will have to work on solving the issue. You will have to analyze the root cause and implement strategies of SEO services to overcome the issues. At BOXFinity, a digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, our SEO experts will make sure that your website ranks well on the search engine and will apply strategies to keep an eye on the fluctuations and not let your position fall down from the search pages.

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