AI is the contemporary and leading-edge trend that is implemented widely in the digital marketing arena especially for carrying out the PPC campaigns. Many digital marketing companies are advocating that they use state-of-art AI and other machine-learning tools with an ambiguous promise that they will outperform the humans for carrying out the PPC campaigns. Although they make high claims that AI is being used for driving the digital marketing campaigns, the fact is that it is always the case.

Also, there is this huge hype that AI will surpass all the human efforts when it comes to carrying out the advertising and PPC campaigns. To get a better understanding of how each is better than the other in today’s digital marketing sketch, we need to get into a few basics regarding either of the methods. Keep reading to know more.

The Current AI Scenario

Most companies argue that they use AI for paid searches and they mainly revolve around the bidding algorithms only. But as a matter of fact, ‘machine learning’ is used for all these things. It is a subset of AI in which a computer tries to progressively work and improve on a given set of tasks as per the embedded dataset. It is more like the ‘deep learning’ agenda where the computers keep learning to improve their skills like the humans do. So, if there is a change in the position or other criteria, the bids also will change automatically because of the machine learning algorithm. Also, depending on the set of keywords, the bidding strategies will be changed accordingly, emphasizing on reaching the goal especially by prioritizing the cheaper cost conversions. This process has been going on in the AI field since the time it was introduced to carry out the bidding campaigns using appropriate strategies. For them to completely replace humans in this field, it will take another decade or more.

ppc campaigns run by ai

The Human Intervention

Although 80% of what is happening behind carrying out a PPC campaign is all automated, right now, it still needs to be monitored by humans. We have not yet reached the stage where it is all robots and no humans to carry out our PPC tasks. Be it the Javascript or the AdWords script, though automated, they nevertheless need human intervention to make it happen in the current scenario. Be it the creation of apt content for blogs, articles, websites, ads, etc., we need complete human assistance right now. This is important as the right content will help in increasing the traffic for the website, in turn, increasing the conversions. Also, the mundane work to be done for the paid media marketing and other high priority tasks like strategy building, focusing on improving the resonance of the ads amongst the audience, and competitor analysis can be right now done by humans only, of course by using automation techniques.

There is no doubt that most computation tasks in digital marketing that include functions like real-time competitive analysis, data analysis, identifying trends especially in larger datasets, keywords expansion from SQR (search query report), etc., can be done more efficiently without much errors by AI. But with the current progress, it is going to take at least a decade to make this happen in reality where robots and AI are going to completely take over all the tasks done by humans and to surpass them. Till then, we need to settle down with human supervision and automated assistance.

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